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BEE Certificate DJ Singh

What is the use of BEE certificate?

The certification is essential for every company to have because, among other things, it proves the level of their BEE status. Companies can also use the testimonial when they want to claim procurement which they have spent with BEE compliant suppliers. To claim this, it invariably means that such companies must buy from Black Economic Empowerment compliant suppliers so that they could score points for BEE procurement spent. 

Another advantage is having an increased chance of securing contracts with large companies and big industry names. These larger entities are often encouraged to conduct business with smaller companies who are BEE compliant, and a B-BBEE certificate allows smaller companies to participate as a supplier in lucrative chains of preferential procurement. Another benefit is that a B-BBEE certificate shows a company’s commitment to making a positive difference in South Africa’s society.

When companies aim for and can attain a level one status, it helps them to remain competitive which is a plus to their companies. Other businesses, especially those who want to spend their BEE budget, can also locate them easily. Apart from that, Black Economic Empowerment certified companies can efficiently conduct business with government at all levels including municipalities, state-owned entities and government departments. 

What does it mean to have BEE Certificate?

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